Monday, May 30, 2011

National Conference

This weekend the organization we are working for (Social Entrepreneur Corps, or SEC) had a national conference in Antigua. Accessoras (salesmen/women) from all over the country came to discuss the company, future enterprises, and annual progress. 

A brief aside on SEC: 

SEC is an organization devoted to providing disadvantaged individuals access to goods and services. These people usually live in very remote and rural areas of Guatemala where clean water, electricity, and medical care are rarely available. SEC provides things like eye exams and glasses, water filters, wood burning stoves, solar lamps, and seeds. The items are all sold by locals and the profit is split and reinvested in new technology and products.

While it was difficult to understand everything going on (the conference was conducted in Spanish) it was really cool to see such a large gathering of people devoted to and working towards SEC's goals. Everyone left their homestays for the weekend and stayed in Antigua. We ended up at "Las Camilas Inn" and had a yummy dinner at ??. After dinner we played a roudy game of Cheers to the Goveneor and met up with some recent Duke grads who are backpacking around Guatemala. Later that night we ended up at a bar on clock tower street. Highlights included finding an "autographed" photo of George clooney on the wall and ordering the worst long island iced 'teas of all time (tequila with a splash of tequila). After the conference on Sunday we explored Antigua, finding a delicious lunch at "Bagle Barn" and bargaining for goods at antigua's arteisan market. 

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